Agnieszka Pomaska: There will be an investigation into inflated salaries at Orlen.


The Public Prosecutor’s Office estimates Orlen’s losses resulting from non-compliance with the provisions of the so-called “chimney law” at more than PLN 8.3 million.

The District Public Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw has informed Agnieszka Pomaska, MP from KO, that it is launching an investigation into inflated salaries at Orlen. Pomaska published a message on the X platform.

“There will be an investigation into illegal salaries in Orlen. Supervisory board members circumvented the chimney and perimeter law. Former minister Jacek Sasin will be held responsible for the lack of oversight. Let me remind you that Obajtek himself earned at least 1.2 million more than he should have”.Agnieszka Pomaska of KO wrote.

From the attached document, we learn that the decision in this case was taken on 26 June 2024. The investigation will cover the activities of the minister of state assets and the supervisory board of Orlen.

The prosecution’s notice states that in the period from 15 November 2019 to 31 December 2021, the Minister of State Assets, acting as a representative of the State Treasury, “persistently evaded” the “exercise of shareholding rights in the company PKN Orlen SA, i.e. failed to take action to shape and apply at PKN Orlen the principles of remuneration of members of the management board in accordance with the content of the so-called chimney law”.

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