„We already have 21,262 applications to watch the fall elections, but we need many more of you!” – summary of the „I’m watching the elections” campaign so far.


Today (28.06) in front of the Batory Shopping Center in Gdynia, a press conference was held to summarize the course of the Civic Coalition’s „I watch the elections” campaign to date. The conference was attended by KO parliamentarians Slawomir Nitras – nationwide coordinator of Citizens’ Election Control, Agnieszka Pomaska, Barbara Nowacka, Tadeusz Aziewicz and Slawomir Rybicki.

– We already have 21,262 applications to oversee the fall elections, but we need many more of you. The Civic Coalition is taking a very solid approach to this project, we are devoting a lot of time, a lot of energy to it, and we are trying to promote this action and this idea in society – said Slawomir Nitras MP.

– We have to watch this authority on its hands, because we have no doubt that they are doing everything, they will use the offices and institutions they have appropriated to not give up power – stressed MP Agnieszka Pomaska.

– The Civic Coalition is mobilized to guard the standards of a democratic state of law in Poland. Hence our great appeal to all residents of Pomerania to fully mobilize in guarding the elections, because democracy can easily be destroyed, appropriated and stolen, as we have seen for many months – concluded MP Barbara Nowacka.

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