Pomaska: Minister Czarnek is a symbol of the pathology of this government.


– Minister Czarnek’s scandalous statements, but also decisions, are disqualifying for him, and yesterday’s debate showed that the entire Law and Justice Party accepts this. It incriminates all of them, Agnieszka Pomaska, an MP from the Civic Coalition, said on TVN24. In her view, „Minister Czarnek is a symbol of the pathology of this government.”

Late on Thursday night, the Sejm dealt with the opposition’s motion to express a vote of no confidence in Education and Science Minister Przemyslaw Czarnek. The Sejm majority decided to reject the motion, Czarnek remains in office.

Agnieszka Pomaska, an MP from the Civic Coalition, was a guest on TVN24’s „One for One” on Friday. – The role of any opposition is to point out the mistakes of the ruling party. We in this debate (before the vote of no confidence – ed.) not only pointed out mistakes, but also showed the pathology of this government – she said.

In her opinion, „Minister Czarnek is a symbol of the pathology of this power.” The villa plus program, discrimination against young people based on views, sexual orientation, discrimination against girls who were told to slim down,” she enumerated the accusations against the minister.

– In any normal country, in any normal government, someone like this would not only have to say goodbye to his post, but it would be the end of his political career, the MP assessed.

She stated that „the outrageous statements, but also the decisions of Minister Chernk are disqualifying for him.” Yesterday’s debate showed that the entire Law and Justice Party, Kaczynski, Prime Minister Morawiecki accept this kind of behavior, this kind of policy. This incriminates them all – Pomaska added.

Pomaska also spoke about the history and present-day lessons introduced in schools and the controversial textbook for the subject. – This so-called textbook is not a textbook, because textbooks should convey the truth, inform, and not cultivate ideology – she said.

The MP said that „in this textbook there are blatant manifestations of discrimination.” – How can something like this even be supported, accepted? How could it even pass review? This is another matter that should be dealt with by the prosecutor – she stressed.

Asked whether she thinks history and the present should be a school subject, she replied: – Yes, we should teach about the current changes in Poland, the reality in Poland and the world. There should be such a subject, and what it will be called is a secondary issue.

Pomaska also spoke about the bill on in vitro. It was submitted to the Sejm by the „YES to in vitro” committee, of which the MP is a plenipotentiary.

I have information that the Speaker has already referred the bill on in vitro to the first reading, and the first reading of the bill will be held at the Sejm session within three months at the latest. I hope it will be taken seriously. We have collected half a million signatures – she said.

source: tvn24.pl

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