„This is an unprecedented situation, this is an incredible scandal.” PO deputies press conference on irregularities in the purchase of medical equipment by Lotos Group S.A.


A press conference organized by Civic Platform deputies Agnieszka Pomaska and Tadeusz Aziewicz was held on Monday (27.03) at the Office of the Pomeranian Region of PO in Gdansk, focusing on irregularities in the purchase of medical equipment by Lotos Group S.A.

– A few days ago, a large furniture company recalled a defective fishing game from the market, and Prime Minister Morawiecki and Minister Sasin, knowing about the defective anti-covid medical equipment distributed to hospitals, did nothing – said MP Agnieszka Pomaska. – This is an unprecedented situation, it is an incredible scandal. In this regard, we wanted to announce our parliamentary inspection of the Ministry of State Assets this Thursday. We are dealing with an absolute lack of supervision over the operation of state-owned companies – the MP added.

– When fighting the pandemic, medics did not have time to check the certificates of suits and visors. They trusted that the government was doing it, but the government simply failed them – said MP Tadeusz Aziewicz. – I don’t know how Prime Minister Morawiecki can look into the eyes of the doctors who, at the time, were fighting the pandemic in such suits. We don’t know how many of them got sick precisely because of this – the MP added.


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