KO deputies with residents about the „Mieszkanie plus” program. „It turned out to be one big flop.”


Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki „brags about yet another housing program” and the Mieszkanie plus program „turned out to be one big disaster” – Civic Coalition MP Agnieszka Pomaska said Tuesday at a press conference with participants in the government program. – We were told it would be cheaper because we couldn’t afford loans. We were told that we would be able to buy it back. Nothing of the sort is happening – said Maciej Bartoszewski from Swidnik.

Civic Coalition MPs held a press conference on Tuesday, attended by participants in the Mieszkanie plus program. KO MP Agnieszka Pomaska said that they are currently struggling „and instead of being beneficiaries, those who were supposed to be helped, today they are facing a serious challenge and dilemma of how to make ends meet, in connection with this scam, as the residents themselves say, which was Mieszkanie plus.”

– I will point out that today Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is boasting about yet another housing program. But today, residents from all over the country, from Gdynia, from Swidnik, from Minsk Mazowiecki, from Radom, from Krakow, came here to the Sejm, to Warsaw, to hold him accountable for the Mieszkanie plus program, just as Prime Minister Morawiecki announced – she said.

She assessed that „the Mieszkanie plus program has turned out to be one big disaster.” – It turned out to be a program that, instead of helping those who cannot afford their own housing, families with children, people with disabilities, the elderly, became their crutch, a crutch that crushes them – the MP said.

– Prime Minister Morawiecki proudly said in the Sejm in 2018 that this is a pioneering program that is coming out brilliantly and that will crush the opposition. This program today crushed residents from all over the country – she added.

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