Pegasus affair. Pomaska: the wiretappers have one thing in common, they all threaten PiS.


– All the people we know of who were wiretapped using Pegasus are not dangerous criminals. These people have one thing in common, they are all, to a greater or lesser extent, a threat to PiS when it comes to losing power,” she said in the program „Onet Rano.” KO deputy Agnieszka Pomaska, when asked about the scandal related to surveillance using Pegasus spyware.

There has been no quiet about the reports of wiretapping using Pegasus, the surveillance software developed by the Israeli company NSO Group. According to the U.S. Associated Press news agency, citing findings by the University of Toronto’s Citizen Lab group, Pegasus software was used to surveil, among others, KO senator Krzysztof Brejza, lawyer Roman Giertych and prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek.

– I have no doubt that this matter requires at least a commission of inquiry. I also have no doubt that PiS is afraid of this commission. They have been using Pegasus to maintain power,” Pomaska emphasised in the Onet morning programme.


Watch the whole interview with Agnieszka Pomaska by Beata Tadla
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