Agnieszka Pomaska

Parliament calls for EU action to help farmers fight unfair trading practices

MEPs urge the EU Commission to put forward proposals against unfair trading practices in the food supply chain, so as to ensure fair earnings for farmers and a wide choice for consumers, in a resolution voted on Tuesday. The aim should be to ensure fair and transparent trade relations among food producers, suppliers and distributors. Fair trading should in turn help to prevent overproduction and food waste, they add.

„The initiatives taken so far have not been effective. That’s why we give more suggestions. More work should be done to improve relations between suppliers and supermarkets and hypermarkets, especially when it comes to minimising the so-called ‘fear factor’. We also call on the European Commission to do more when it comes to new tools that should help us to counteract unfair trading practices”, said Parliament’s rapporteur Edward Czesak (ECR, PL). „All players in the food supply chain should enjoy the same rights”, he added.