Agnieszka Pomaska and Barbara Nowacka leaders of the Civic Coalition lists in Pomerania!


Two women are expected to lead the Pomeranian Civic Coalition to victory in the parliamentary elections. The only one in district 25 is Agnieszka Pomaska, and in district 26 – Barbara Nowacka. The lists include all KO deputies of the current term, except Slawomir Neumann.

Fifty-two candidates will fight on October 15 for seats in the Sejm from two districts in Pomeranian Voivodeship. As announced, the parity has been almost preserved – there are 25 ladies and 27 gentlemen candidates, arranged – at least in the initial seats – “on a zip line”, so once a politician, once a politician.

“Gdansk” list is opened by Agnieszka Pomaska. In second place is Jacek Karnowski – the mayor of Sopot. Number three is also a representative of local government officials – Magdalena Kołodziejczak, mayor of Pruszcz Gdański. Current parliamentarians will run from the following places: Piotr Adamowicz and Małgorzata Chmiel. Jerzy Borowczak is 8th, and Jaroslaw Walesa took the last place (24th).

At the head of the list from district 26 (Gdynia and the northwestern part of the province) – no surprises. It opens with three incumbent MPs: Barbara Nowacka, Zbigniew Konwinski and Henryka Krzywonos-Strycharska. In the top ten, albeit a bit further down the list, interspersed with local government officials were also: Kazimierz Plocke, Tadeusz Aziewicz and Stanisław Lamczyk.
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