Parliamentary meeting of the Visegrad Group


On 23-24 January in Slovakia there will be a parliamentary meeting of the Visegrad Group. Poland will be represented by Agnieszka Pomaska, the President of the Parliamentary European Union Affairs Committee. Session will be opened by the President of the European Affairs Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Ivan Štefanec. Among the main issues under discussion will be economic and financial affairs (the euro area, economic governance in the EU) and the new powers of national parliaments by the Treaty of Lisbon.

After the Polish accession to the European Union co-operation of parliaments of the Visegrad Group took two forms. These are meetings of Presidents of Parliaments and meetings of committees for European Affairs. They are a forum for exchanging experiences in issues related to membership in the European Union. Also serve to exchange views on current issues, coordination of positions and taking joint initiatives.

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