The annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Vancouver. Parliamentarians established a new working group on Ukraine.


Hundreds of parliamentarians gathered in Vancouver, Canada, for the 30th annual session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly. The five-day meeting began today with calls to strengthen the OSCE’s role in addressing current challenges, including by ending the war in Ukraine with full respect for the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In her opening remarks, OSCE Chairwoman Margareta Cederfelt (Sweden) stressed that the Parliamentary Assembly should help to emerge from the precarious situation facing the world, and to that end announced that earlier in the day the heads of the OSCE’s national delegations had established a new committee to more effectively coordinate support for Ukraine. The goal of the new ad hoc committee, which was unanimously adopted at the request of the Ukrainian delegation to the Assembly, will be to ensure that the war remains at the forefront of the UP’s activities and that Ukraine’s needs are fully taken into account by the Assembly.

Deputy Chairwoman of the delegation of the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland, MP Agnieszka Pomaska, is also attending the annual session of the OSCE PA.
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