„New threads are appearing, Russian threads that make us feel insecure.” KO deputies press conference on the threads related to the sale of Lotos Group.


On Wednesday (31.05), a press conference organized by KO deputies Agnieszka Pomaska and Barbara Nowacka was held at one of the last Lotos gas stations in Gdansk, which was also attended by Dr. Dariusz Wieczorek – an assistant professor at the Department of Corporate Finance at the University of Gdansk. The subject of the conference was the urging submitted by MP Pomaska to the District Prosecutor in Gdansk and other threads related to the sale of Lotos.

– We are submitting a reminder to the prosecutor’s office because the case is very serious. New threads are appearing, Russian threads that make us feel insecure. We are amazed by the lack of reaction from Prime Minister Morawiecki, Minister Sasin. We know that behind the backs of these gentlemen is Jaroslaw Kaczynski, whom we are calling for a reaction and an explanation for this questionable maneuver, which is the transfer of the Lotos Group into foreign hands – said MP Agnieszka Pomaska.

– We declare that in the autumn, after we win the elections, we will restore Lotos to the Republic. It can’t be that Poland gets rid of its national assets just because the group holding power wants to profit from it – said MP Barbara Nowacka.

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