„Mieszkanie plus” program. Tenants feel cheated, MPs notify OCC.


Civic Coalition deputies have filed a motion with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding irregularities in the implementation of the Mieszkanie Plus program. The residents are appealing to Prime Minister Morawiecki to correctly implement the Law and Justice Party’s flagship program.

Agnieszka Pomaska and Tadeusz Aziewicz met with journalists on Wednesday, April 19, on Puszczyka Street in Gdynia’s Kacze Buki neighborhood. They were accompanied by residents, participants in the government’s Mieszkanie Plus program.

– Residents were cheated by the government program – Agnieszka Pomaska said. – The rates that encouraged them to take advantage of the Mieszkanie Plus program turned out to be simply a lie. The Polish Development Fund decided to cash in on the residents, who today are in a no-win situation. They thought they were going to pay a rate of one and a half thousand zlotys, suddenly they are to pay 3.5 thousand. This situation is unacceptable, so today we are filing a notice of suspicion of practices that violate the collective interests of consumers, with the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

Pawel Szyszko, who first alerted parliamentarians to the situation, read out a statement by the residents, in which they appeal to Prime Minister Morawiecki and those in power to correctly implement the social housing plus program. He recalled that during the recruitment of residents of this housing development in 2019, they were presented with accurate calculations of the cost of renting the units and getting to ownership. Information on this subject was provided to them by PFR Real Estate staff. They were also on the website of the Housing Plus program, from where, however, they recently disappeared.

Residents are appealing to Law and Justice deputies not to bury their heads in the sand and bring this program to a conclusion.

source: zawszepomorze.pl

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