The further into the forest, the more politics. Who do Polish forests need to be defended from?


Some politicians want to protect the forests from the evil European Union, which reportedly intends to ban us from a third of the forest areas. Others threaten to privatize forest areas. Still others intend to defend them from massive logging, carried out by the State Forests. And what really squeaks in the forest?

A week ago, on April 14, the Sejm passed a resolution calling for „the Republic of Poland to retain the exclusive right to decide on forests.” On the same day, the PSL submitted a draft amendment to the Constitution, envisaging the inclusion in the Basic Law of the protection of forests as a common good of all citizens. In turn, Solidarna Polska, a party with considerable influence in the State Forests, collected signatures for a citizens’ initiative „in defense of Polish forests.”

Are dark clouds really hanging over the forests? (…)

Instead, against the resolution defending Polish forests from the evil EU were, among others, members of the Civic Coalition.

Agnieszka Pomaska also recalls at the outset that it was the PO-PSL government that wanted constitutional protection of state ownership of forests in 2014 – and the Law and Justice party voted against it then.

– On Friday, during a parliamentary debate, I suggested that the resolution should include a real statement that forests need to be defended not against the EU, but against Solidarna Polska and the robbery policy its representatives are pursuing in the State Forests –the Pomeranian MP says. – If someone is privatizing Polish forests, it is them. If someone closes, it’s them, too, because they chop down Polish forests so much that it’s hard to get in. I am appalled by the hypocrisy and hypocrisy of PiS. They are appalled by the data on the thirty-fold increase in timber exports to China. No one shouts „catch the thief” as loudly as PiS on the issue of forests.

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