Refunding in vitro. The citizens’ bill is already being examined by parliamentary lawyers and analysts.


A civic bill to amend the Citizens Bill on Amendments to the Law on Health Care Services Financed from Public Funds was submitted to the Bureau of Parliamentary Analyses today, April 7. This is standard procedure, but also a signal that the bill has not landed in the parliamentary freezer. The initiators of the amendments to the law are concerned with the reimbursement of the IVF procedure from the state budget.

A draft amendment to the Law on Health Benefits, prepared by the Yes to In Vitro Committee, was sent to the Legislative Bureau and the Bureau of Parliamentary Analyses today, April 7. This is standard procedure when a bill or amendments to an existing act reaches Parliament.

The civic proposal to amend the law involves reimbursement for in vitro fertilization procedures using this method.

Recall that about half a million people have signed the draft amendments. In order for a civic bill to be referred to the Parliament, it requires min. 100 thousand signatures.

The draft act, together with the signatures, was carried to the Sejm by the deputies of the Civic Coalition, holding a press conference at the same time. The representative of the initiators is Agnieszka Pomaska in the Sejm as the plenipotentiary of the Legislative Initiative Committee.


Infertility is classified by the WHO as a disease of civilization. In the world, thanks to the IVF method, 9 million children have been born, including, according to KO representatives, at least 100,000 in Poland. The problem of infertility affects 15-20 percent of couples of procreative age. In Poland, infertility is estimated to affect about 3 million people.

Between 2013 and 2016, the National In vitro Fertilization Treatment Program was in operation throughout the country. It was implemented with funds from the Ministry of Health and addressed to all infertile couples meeting certain criteria.

The first reading of a draft of such a law at a session of the Sejm shall be carried out within 3 months from the date the bill is submitted to the Speaker of the Sejm.

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