Mieszkanie Plus was supposed to be support and a chance for those who can’t afford their own apartment, and it turned out to be one big flop – press conference in Gdynia.


Today, at noon, a press conference of PO MPs Agnieszka Pomaska and Tadeusz Aziewicz was held at a housing development built as part of the Mieszkanie Plus program in Gdynia (Kacze Buki, Puszczyka Street), with the participation of residents of the development regarding irregularities in the implementation of the Mieszkanie Plus program.

The Mieszkanie Plus program was supposed to be a support and opportunity for those who can’t afford their own apartment or can’t get a loan from a bank. However, it turned out that this program is one big flop. Prime Minister Morawiecki, while talking about the program in the Sejm, said it was a snowball that would crush the opposition. However, it seems that this snowball has crushed the population. – MP Pomaska said.

This was supposed to be a social program, and in implementation the government came out with 19th century capitalism. In my opinion, we are dealing here with the use of unfair market practices, which is why I am asking the President of the OCCP to prepare information on the protection of consumer rights in the developer market under the Mieszkanie Plus program. – MP Aziewicz added.

Krzysztof Kluska (resident of the housing development): Together with the residents of the estate, we feel cheated by the government! Under the cover of the program, which was supposed to provide housing for large families, people with disabilities or seniors, the government has made a private business for itself reaching into our pockets. The assumptions of the program differ significantly from those presented to us at the beginning.

Pavel Szyszko (estate resident): My example shows how the rules of the program have changed. Two years ago, the cost of my apartment after a 30-year repayment period was supposed to be PLN 548,000. According to the calculations I received from PFR a few days ago, the cost has risen to PLN 1,477,000! Where is the government’s support and assistance in this?

On Tuesday, March 7, there will be a meeting of the Infrastructure Committee in the Sejm, during which the Minister of Funds and Regional Policy will give a presentation on the implementation of the new Housing Accessibility Plus program. As announced by MP Agnieszka Pomaska, the opposition will demand at this meeting to first settle the government’s Housing Plus program.

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