„Eliminate hatred and contempt from Polish politics.” Donald Tusk a guest of the Pomeranian Academy of Leaders.


Donald Tusk discussed the language of public debate in Poland today with young people at the Old Town Hall in Gdansk during a meeting as part of the Pomeranian Academy of Leaders – an educational project by MP Agnieszka Pomaska.

The Civic Platform chairman came to Gdansk to take part in events commemorating the fourth anniversary of the assassination of President Pawel Adamowicz. A meeting with young people at the Old Town Hall to discuss the destructive impact of hejt on social life was one of the highlights of the ceremony.

„I want to eliminate hatred and contempt from Polish politics. This is the only way to memorialize Pawel Adamowicz,” he said, removing the language of contempt and hatred from public debate. Hate speech is a grim phenomenon of an international nature. It has become dangerous because of technology, the Internet,” Donald Tusk stressed. – But hate speech is also nothing new, the history of the 20th century shows it. The UN wants to fight against hate speech by creating analyses and programs, but you don’t need big projects, international organizations to feel here in Gdansk the importance of this problem and the scale of the threat carried by words saturated with hatred. The death of Pawel Adamowicz is not an isolated incident. Adamowicz was assassinated because for months not only anonymous haters, but the great pissovskaya propaganda machine told people that he was the embodiment of evil. Before someone pulls out a knife, there is word at the beginning. Hate speech can be the source of the greatest crimes, genocide, war.

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