23rd anniversary of Poland joining NATO. This is how it was celebrated in Gdansk.


At the monument „To those who for the Polishness of Gdansk” at Podwale Staromiejskie a gathering was held to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of Poland joining the North Atlantic Alliance. – We were prudent then – said Senator Bogdan Borusewicz about the events of the past years.

During the gathering, organized in the center of Gdansk by the Young Democrats of Pomerania, the Civic Platform of  Pomeranian Region and the Committee for the Defense of Democracy Pomeranian Region, we heard many words both about the history that led to our membership in NATO and about current threats related to the war in Ukraine.

Senator Bogdan Borusewicz reminded us that different governments and different Polish politicians had been trying to join the North Atlantic Alliance and our joining NATO is a merit of all of them – starting from President Lech Walesa who initiated this process and ending with President Aleksander Kwasniewski who finalized it. And how important this decision was, we realize especially now, when the presence in NATO secures us both militarily and politically.

– It is an important day, but not a day of celebration – said Senator Sławomir Rybicki from PO, referring to the war beyond our eastern border. Senator Rybicki once again asked those in power not to sell the Polish Lotos to a Hungarian company that is a friend of Vladimir Putin. – It is important for all those who have influence on public affairs to say which side they are on. I would also like all politicians to say that our goal is European integration.

The rally began with the playing of the Polish anthem and ended with the NATO anthem. White and red Polish flags and blue NATO flags were handed out.

source: zawszepomorze.pl

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