He sent hateful messages to the MP, he was convicted. Pomaska: At the trial he was not so brave.


A court in Gdansk sentenced a man who sent hate-filled messages to Agnieszka Pomaska to perform community service and to pay money to the Polish Red Cross. – He simply encouraged her to sue him. Today at the hearing he was no longer so brave – comments the MP from the Civic Coalition in Gazeta.pl.

„8 months of restriction of liberty with the obligation to perform community service in the amount of 20 hours per month, 1000 PLN reference for the Polish Red Cross and 1394 PLN + 180 PLN court costs. This is the cost of hegt against me ordered today by the District Court Gdańsk-Północ. The request of the hejter fulfilled,” Agnieszka Pomaska wrote on Facebook. „Pass it on. Let it reach your haters that no one can feel anonymous and unpunished and that the hand of the temple can be ruthless. – she added.

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In the post, the MP included messages that a heijter sent her during her campaign ahead of the 2020 presidential election. „I have different views. I am not afraid to spit in your face because you also spit on Poles,” he wrote (original spelling). „I’m waiting for you to sue me”. – reads another message.

– The man was sentenced to six months of community service, 20 hours a month. He appealed and today received a higher sentence, eight months and a payment to the Polish Red Cross,’ says Agnieszka Pomaska in Gazeta.pl.

We asked the MP whether she guessed what the reason for the heckling was. – It was the presidential campaign. Earlier, together with Adam Szłapka, we opened an exhibition on Law and Justice scandals in front of the Presidential Palace. At that time the activity of various opponents of Civic Platform, Rafał Trzaskowski and the broadly understood opposition was higher. It seems to me that this could have prompted him to take such an action,” explains Pomaska.

The MP comments that according to her, sending such messages results from a „feeling of impunity”. – The author of the message directly encouraged to sue him. Today at the hearing, he was not so brave – says the MP. – Another issue is a general consent for ruthless attacks. It is enough to turn on TVP Info or evening edition of 'News’ to see that without any rules and inhibitions the opposition is attacked. Some people think that if they see something like that on TV, it is just allowed – he adds.

source: wiadomosci.gazeta.pl

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