#TwojSztab arrived at Pomerania. Today we are visiting the east of our voivodeship!


The Civic Coalition’s bus of # TwójSztab visited Pomerania today. Deputy Agnieszka Pomaska together with Barbara Nowacka, Pomeranian parliamentarians and CC activists visited, among others: Skowronki, Krynica Morska, Pelplin, Starogard Gdański and Gniew.

One of the stops on the way of our team was the place of the planned Mierzeja Wislana canal. During a press conference organized on the site of a recent fragmentation of the huge area of protected forest, MP Agnieszka Pomaska pointed to the lack of economic justification for the construction, as well as very harmful effects for people and the natural environment.

– There was no economic analysis that would justify the construction of a crosscut. There were, however, analyzes that said that this cross-cut does not pay off. We treat this investment as another propaganda move of Law and Justice – said during the conference Mrs. Pomaska.

#TwojSztab also visited Krynica Morska, where while a long walk the team talked to residents and tourists.

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