The Sejm adopted the special act in the Westerplatte case. The historical area in Gdansk in the hands of PiS


On Thursday evening, the Sejm adopted the special act on the Westerplatte, expropriating that historical place of remembrance from the jurisdiction of the Gdansk authorities. A special law deprives Gdańsk the ownership of the Westerplatte area and allows a construction of a new museum – according to the vision of Law and Justice – bypassing the existing regulations.

The special bill was submitted to the Sejm on May 8. A week later, the opinion was ready according to which the act is not compliant with EU law. As a result the project was referred to the infrastructure commission.

Everything indicated that the PiS government will vote down their own project anyway, but the introduction of the special act was expected in the autumn. Unexpectedly, however, it was adopted on Thursday evening.


photo: Bartosz Banka

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