We have presented the Foreign Policy Program of the Civic Platform


As the largest opposition party, the Civic Platform takes a great responsibility for the future of Poland, which is why we presented an ambitious foreign policy program. It’s assumptions were presented today in the Sejm by PO chairman Grzegorz Schetyna, vice-chairman Tomasz Siemoniak, as well as Agnieszka Pomaska, Rafał Trzaskowski, Marcin Bosacki and Paweł Zalewski.

The Polish foreign policy must serves the realization of our national interests, supports the growth of Poles’ prosperity and security, and strengthens the international position of our state. The overriding goal of our foreign program is to permanently anchor a strong, prosperous and influential Poland in the civilizational and political space of the „West”. Poland has a potential and should co-decide on the development directions of our European community. Only within its framework it will be possible to effectively provide Poles with security and prosperity.

CP politicians are aware that challenges Poland’s foreign policy is currently facing can not be limited to slogans, which is why the program is comprehensive – it responds to today’s economic, civilizational and defense challenges.

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