60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome


Parliament’s President Antonio Tajani, political group leaders and other leading MEPs will meet with Italy’s highest public officials, starting with President Sergio Mattarella on Friday, and take part in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome on Saturday.

On Friday morning, the EP President, Vice-Presidents, Quaestors and political group leaders (who form Parliament’s Conference of Presidents and Bureau) will meet Italy’s Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni in Norcia, a city hit by earthquakes last year, followed by a press point. In the afternoon in Rome, they will meet Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella, Senate President Pietro Grasso and Chamber Speaker Laura Boldrini.

During a ceremony held in the European Parliament on Tuesday, President Tajani stressed that the anniversary of the Treaty of Rome should be an opportunity to reconnect with citizens and propose a framework for reflection on achievements and the way forward.

source: europarl.europa.eu

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