Agnieszka Pomaska a graduate of the International Visitor Leadership Program


Five cities, fifty different meetings – it was an intense three weeks of work for the President of the European Union Committee Agnes Pomaska.

The program attended by Agnieszka Pomaska ​​(IVLP) includes individual and group projects. It takes place via the US Embassy in Warsaw, where guests from different countries taking trips to the US to take part in a carefully prepared programs that correspond to their professional interests, as well as the objectives of the foreign policy of this country. During the three weeks they travel within the various thematic programs, individually or in a group. Individual projects are tailored to the professional interests of the participant and the group are scheduled.

The US State Department offers to participate in an unforgettable and enriching work experience program. An important aspect of the program is to acquaint the participants with the geographic diversity of the United States, but also with a wealth of cultural, ethnic and socio-economic of the country. Since the beginning of this program was attended by more than 200 current and former heads of state, 1 500 ministers and many other prominent leaders of the public and private sectors.


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