III Political and Management Training


On 25th of February Agnieszka Pomaska, a member of Polish Parliament, Chair of the Committee on EU Affairs and member of the Rules Committee was a guest of a third edition of Political and Management Training.  She led a lecture and gave the listeners several matters to think about.

PMT is an event imitating the European Parliament, addressed to the students of Tri-City schools. Participants choose a problem (connected with the policy of the EU) which they are trying to solve. Resolutions created in groups are presented in front of jury and debaters. Delegates vote for the best solution in the end of the whole project on General Assembly.

The main target of the event is to improve general knowledge about economy, policy, culture and benefits of european integration. Students will be able to discover new, creative methods of work, including modern techniques of integration and unique group-work.Besides they will have an opportunity to increase their english language skills.

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source: pmtgda.eu

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