Civic Platform wins parliamentary elections in Poland. Agnieszka Pomaska gets a mandate in the Parliament


The ruling Civic Platform won Poland’s Sunday parliamentary elections with nearly 40 percent of votes, the State Electoral Commission (PKW) announced on Tuesday, presenting the official results from all constituencies.

Agnieszka Pomaska ​​achieved 16 117 votes, which gave her a third result on a list of the Civic Platform and a mandate in the Parliament.

The Civic Platform (PO) won the elections with support reaching 39,19 percent, followed by the biggest opposition Law and Justice (PiS) 29,89 percent, Palikot Movement (RP) 10,02 percent, Polish People’s Party (PSL) 8,36 percent and the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) 8,24 percent. The German Minority received 0,19 percent support.

According to the PKW, turnout reached 48,92 percent.

In the 460-seat lower house of the parliament, the PO will have 207 MPs based on results of the Sunday elections while PiS will have 157 deputies. RP, PSL, SLD and German Minority will be represented by 40, 28, 27 and 1 seat respectively.

The PO will have 63 senators in Poland’s 100-seat upper house. The PiS will be represented by 31 senators. The PSL won 2 senate seats and the Citizens got 1 seat. Three seats went to independent politicians.

In Sunday’s elections, Poles have elected 460 members of the lower house from 7,035 candidates, and 100 seats of the senate from 501 candidates.

Under the Polish Constitution, the first session of the new lower house will be held between Oct 10 and Now. 8, during which the outgoing prime minister will submit the resignation of his cabinet. The president will appoint a new prime minister, who will propose a new cabinet within 14 days after the first session.

The lower house will then hold a vote of confidence in the new cabinet in December.

Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski said Monday that leader of the Civic Platform and current Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk would be a logical candidate of the victorious party for a new prime minister.

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