Presentation of candidates to the Polish Parliament


The Pomeranian Civic Platform presented at the stadium PGE Arena Gdańsk their candidates to the polish parliament in the upcoming elections, which will take place on 9th of October. In Gdansk, the parliamentary leader of the list is Minister Slawomir Nowak, chairman of the party in the region, while the fourth place on the list is assigned to Agnieszka Pomaska​​, who has a mandate in parliament since 2009, where  she represents the interests of Gdansk and works in European Union Affairs Committee and Rules and Deputies’ Affairs Committee. Her other activities include the Parliamentary Group for the Development of Bicycle Tourism and Parliamentary Group for the Family “Family 2030”.

Being a fluent speaker of  English and Spanish Agnieszka Pomaska is a member of the Polish-Brasilian, Polish-British, Polish-Chilean, Polish-Ecuador, Polish-Spanish and Polish-Mexican Parliamentary Groups.

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Biuro Poselskie Agnieszki Pomaskiej, al. Grunwaldzka 82 (CH Manhattan, IV piętro), 80-244 Gdańsk