Meetings with voters


Last Saturday, Member of Polish Parliament Agnieszka Pomaska along with volunteers from Young Democrats Association, participated in collecting signatures for the lists of candidates to the Polish Parliament. The action took place on the boardwalk in Brzeźno (district in Gdańsk). In addition, participants distributed brochures „Poland under construction”, which are the part of a nationwide information campaign implemented by the Civic Platform.

“There were many changes that took place in recent years in Poland. In our eyes are realized new investments that will serve us all. Pomerania, and especially Gdansk, is the example of the area where the funds were used properly. Thanks to that, today we can admire the beautiful objects, use the new roads and many other amenities. Majority of the announced projects have been successfully completed, other are in progress. Poland is undeniably more beautiful, becoming a fully modern European state” – said Pomaska in conversation with encountered residents.

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