Million Hearts March. Let’s meet on October 1 in Warsaw.


Ms. Joanna’s courage shows that even a single person, wronged, if she has the courage to speak up, to stand up to this authority, she can really contribute to change,” said PO leader Donald Tusk, referring to Ms. Joanna’s case.

The woman faced interrogation and searches by police officers at the hospital after taking the abortion pill. Tusk appealed to his supporters in this context. – On June 4 you gave Poland hope, so please, let’s give on October 1 not only hope, but also full faith in victory, in the fact that we will remove these evil people from power,” he said. He announced a „march of a million hearts” for the day.

– Poland under PiS is not just a prosecutor, a policeman, a priest in a hospital or a gynecologist’s office, cruel control that sometimes leads to tragedy. It is the temptations of Kaczynski and Ziobro to enter our lives, your lives, with their boots,” the Platform chairman added.
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