The prosecutor’s office will not deal with „fat cats.” It refused to open an investigation.


„Jacek Sasin has become the king of the 'fat cats.’ He is the one who feeds them today,” PO deputies said during a conference on the fact that the prosecutor’s office will not look into high salaries, illegal salaries and bonuses in state-owned companies.

We meet on the second anniversary of Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s „fat cats” statement. Today we know that the situation has not changed. The Law and Justice Party chairman has not weeded out the „fat cats” of the Law and Justice Party in Treasury companies. Money to PiS politicians is flowing in an ever-widening stream, and they are protected by a politicized prosecutor’s office,” Civic Platform MP Agnieszka Pomaska said at a conference on July 13.

The reason for holding the conference was the decision of the prosecutor’s office in the case of illegal salaries and bonuses in State Treasury companies. After five months of waiting and redirecting the case to five different prosecutors’ offices, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw finally decided not to open an investigation into the case.

Cezary Tomczyk, who was present at the conference, stated: „Yesterday, Minister Sasin said that bonuses are not paid in Treasury companies. We want to say from this place that this is a lie. Bonuses are paid regularly. They are received by, among others: Daniel Obajtek, Adam Burak from Orlen or Małgorzata Sadurska from PZU, and once from the President’s Office. Jacek Sasin has become the king of „fat cats”. He is the one feeding them today.”

In a similar vein, Tadeusz Aziewicz said, „We are dealing with a process of colonization. Party „fat cats” are grazing at the expense of Poles, and certain syndromes of a closed system are evident. When someone, like us, demands to be brought into compliance with the law, the prosecutor’s office does not fulfill its duties. I would like to point out that on the issue of inflated salaries in state-owned companies, we still have no official position from either the Minister of State Assets or the Prime Minister. No one has addressed the very specific information we have presented.”

The „fat cats” can therefore sleep soundly.
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