The 8th Tri-City Equality March passed through the streets of Gdansk. – Diversity is freedom!


Colorful costumes, crazy makeup, topped with rainbow flags, loud music and lots of smiles. Several thousand people descended on the center of Gdansk and decided to manifest the multiculturalism of our local, as well as the larger, nationwide, community. The 8th Tri-City Equality March took place on Saturday, May 27. It lasted nearly two hours. Its route ran from the Shakespeare Theater to the post-shipyard areas.

Gdansk Mayor Aleksandra Dulkiewicz officially opened the VIII Tri-City Equality March. – Thank you for being here, but this is not the end of the fight for human rights, for the dignity of another human being, regardless of what he is like, how he thinks, where he comes from and what flag he carries with him,” stressed President Dulkiewicz. (…)

The march was peaceful and joyful. At around 4:50 p.m., the participants were in the vicinity of Hucisko, and around 5:40 p.m. at the shipyard areas. During the event, the late Pawel Adamowicz, mayor of Gdansk, who also took part in the Tri-City Equality Marches, was mentioned.

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