Empty rooms hogging the wind and millions from SOEs. Control of KO deputies in Brussels Business and Science Poland.


The government camp is silent on yet another institution under the political influence of the Republican Party and Adam Bielan. As WP revealed, the Business & Science Poland Employers’ Union was staffed by a PiS coalition partner.


Opposition politicians demand explanations after Wirtualna Polska’s text „Bielan’s web. We reveal how PiS divided the political spoils with the Republican Party.” It showed that the Employers’ Union Business & Science Poland is another place staffed by the Republican Party and its head Adam Bielan. Money for the activity is given by Treasury giants, including Orlen, LOT, KGHM and the Stock Exchange.


The three-member board includes two people with ties to the Republican Party community. They are chairman Artur Zasada, a former MP for Jaroslaw Gowin’s Agreement. Adam Bielan appeared in his election spots. Wojciech Kasprowski, a Republican Party board member, is also on the board. In 2021, the entire board received 1.3 million zlotys in salaries, or an average of more than 400,000 zlotys per head. Salaries are the biggest cost of operating the union, which has officially been running at a loss in recent years. In 2021, PLN 5.8 million went to salaries; according to BSP reports, the union had nine full-time positions at the time. According to WP sources, handing over oversight of the institution to the Republican Party is part of a secret coalition agreement with the Law and Justice Party.


In turn, Dariusz Joński and Agnieszka Pomaska reported on Twitter that they visited the headquarters of the Business&Science Employers’ Union in Brussels on Tuesday.

– Together with Dariusz Joński, we tried today to track down the 3 presidents of the Brussels-based organization maintained by Polish state-owned companies, Business&Science Poland. It turns out that the board members frequent Brussels… once a month. In 2021 they were paid 400 thousand zlotys per head – MP Agnieszka Pomaska tweeted.

source: wp.pl


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