„For every signature and every commitment I wanted to thank you sincerely!” Press conference summarizing the collection of signatures for the „Yes to In Vitro” civic bill in Pomerania.


A press conference summarizing the collection of signatures for the civic bill „Yes to In Vitro” in Pomerania was held on Monday (13.03) at 13:00 at the PO Pomeranian Region Office in Gdansk.

– In Pomerania, the commitment was huge – especially considering the weather conditions. We collected more than 30 thousand signatures. These signatures are flowing to us all the time. For every signature and every involvement I would like to thank you sincerely,” said MP Agnieszka Pomaska.

– I would like to thank Chairwoman Pomaska, who has put great work into this project. We collected signatures everywhere, all over Poland – from Pomerania to Nowy Sącz and Zakopane. Everywhere this collection was very active. Everyone in Poland has the right to love,” said MP Barbara Nowacka.

– In Gdansk, there is an in vitro subsidy program, which is financed from the city budget. It was introduced by the City of Gdansk after IVF funding from the city budget was eliminated. The program is in effect until 2025, and we are likely to spend about 8.5 million zlotys on it. So far, about 650 children have been born from it,” said Gdansk City Council Chairwoman Agnieszka Owczarczak.

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