Pomaska on TVP: Instead of fulfilling their public mission, they become torturers against the victims.


Law and Justice and TVP are hitting back at the Civic Platform after the death of the son of a PO deputy. Earlier, Radio Szczecin revealed that the teenager was the victim of a pedophile.

What action can the PO take?

– I think any party that is authorized to take action will take it. Polish Television on the day of the funeral was staging a campaign against PO politicians. Even when MP Filiks wrote how it was, she, the victim of the situation, the mother of the child who is dead, TVP continued to reproduce lies. This does not fit in the head,” commented PO MP Agnieszka Pomaska on the „Tłit” program.

– We know in whose hands the prosecutor’s office is, and I don’t see any particular action by it. I would expect an apology. Television maintained by a subscription fee and 3 billion a year arranges a vilification of victims. It should serve a mission, and I become an oppressor against the victims and adds to the pain of a mother who lost her child. The Cela Plus program will apply to anyone who has broken the law. I would like to know who brought the information out of this secret process. I have no doubt that the officers of this so-called public television are also responsible for the tragedy,” she added.

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