„This money was simply due to them – this sentence characterizes this government”. Press conference of MPs Agnieszka Pomaska and Tadeusz Aziewicz on illegal salaries at PKN Orlen”.


On Monday (13.02), a press conference was held at the Office of the Pomeranian Region of the PO in Gdansk, with the participation of MPs Agnieszka Pomaska and Tadeusz Aziewicz. The topic of the conference was the illegal salaries of PKN Orlen board members and the lack of reaction from the Minister of State Assets after the disclosure of this information.

– Last week, together with MP Cezary Tomczyk, we revealed information that members of PKN Orlen’s management board received excessive salaries. All members of the board earned more than 6 million 733 thousand zlotys too much. They received this illegal money because they circumvented the so-called Chimney Law and the law around the budget. – MP Agnieszka Pomaska said. – We disclosed this data 5 days ago. We informed the public and Minister Sasin, who should be supervising companies such as Orlen, and it appears that he is not exercising this supervision. Despite this, Minister Sasin remains silent. PKN Orlen has issued a statement which implies that „this money was simply due to them.” This phrase is a sentence that characterizes this authority, but as you can see it also characterizes PKN Orlen’s management. We call on Minister Sasin to respond. We demand an explanation as to why Orlen’s board members and CEO Daniel Obajtek are receiving inflated salaries. –  MP added.

– Very serious allegations have been made and still there is no reaction from the body that is responsible for corporate governance. The question arises: is there owner supervision of Orlen and Daniel Obajtek? Obajtek has created, in my opinion, a multipathological concern. Wherever the Orlen logo appears there we constantly have to deal with problems. These are problems of a very large caliber. Even the president of the Supreme Audit Office cannot conduct an audit in a company controlled by the state treasury. In this situation, Minister Sasin should either present a very detailed analysis defending Obajtek and the Supervisory Board, or dismiss this Board immediately. Within the possibilities available to MPs, we have prepared two interpellations: one to Minister Jacek Sasin, asking him to clarify the matter and draw consequences for those responsible, and the other to Prime Minister Morawiecki, who oversees Minister Sasin’s work. It is the government as a whole that is responsible for the events that are taking place in the multipath concern,” said MP Tadeusz Aziewicz.

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