„PiS has not built anything new”. Pomaska enumerates the government’s mistakes in Poland’s defense policy.


„Let’s take a look at what PiS has destroyed in terms of defense over these seven years, how it has squandered Poland’s potential – they got rid of experienced generals, officers, replaced cadres not with better ones, but, as it turned out, with less professional ones, there was also a brawl with the entrance to the NATO headquarters,” – Agnieszka Pomaska told RMF FM’s Talk at Noon. „When it comes to Poland’s defense policy, PiS has not built anything new,” the Civic Coalition MP added.

Civic Coalition MP Agnieszka Pomaska also spoke on the Vistula Spit diversion.

This was supposed to be an economic investment. Large vessels were supposed to sail through it tomorrow to show the strength and defense function. No one will sail into the Vistula Lagoon tomorrow, let alone reach the port of Elblag,” the politician said. This section of the crosscut is already there, so the investment needs to be completed, but in a wise way. Economic functions need to be developed today,” she added.

According to the MP, however, money and a serious plan are needed to complete the project.

Not the plan of Law and Justice ministers, who once again kicked something. Today this cross-cut will not even have an economic function, but a tourist one. And very well, only an economic calculation should be done,” Pomaska stressed.

As she added, in the investment on the Vistula Spit „politics got into it,” the main purpose of it should be the interest of the state, the province and the residents of Elblag.

If today the government starts the expansion of the port or the expansion of this investment with an attempt to take the port away from Elbląg, then something is wrong, because we remember how the Westerplatte area was taken away from Gdansk and nothing good came out of it,” the KO deputy assessed.

Elbląg is counting on the benefits of this investment, but for now we have on the part of the government first of all such an attempt to show strength, and on the other hand a political fight, which does not make us get closer to that main goal, which is the economic function, and in the end the defense function, but it is really very, very far from that,” Pomaska pointed out.

She announced that the Civic Platform will „watch the authorities on their hands” so that the Vistula Spit cross-section will be completed, perform the announced functions, and public funds will not be wasted.

In fact, there is no major investment that PiS would not botch,” the MP said.

source: rmf24.pl

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