Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Agnieszka Pomaska one of the observers.


The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after counting 85 percent of the votes, published preliminary results of the BiH Presidium elections on Monday. According to them, this body will include the incumbent Croatian representative Zeljko Komshić, Zeljka Cvijanović representing the Serbs, and the Bosniak – Denis Bećirović.

According to preliminary results in the BiH Presidium elections, Zeljko Komshić won 54 percent support, with 46 percent support for Borjana Krishto. In the election for the seat designated for the representative of the Boshnian people, Denis Bećirović, supported by 11 parties, leads with support reaching 57 percent, against 38 percent obtained by Democratic Action Party Chairman Bakir Izetbegović.

On the other hand, Zeljka Cvijanović of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats – the party of Milorad Dodik, the current Serbian member of the BiH Presidium – received 53 percent of the vote in the election for Serbian representative.

Milorad Dodik and his challenger Jelena Trivić have declared victory in the race for the post of President of Republika Srpska (one of the autonomous units of BiH). Her party, the Party of Democratic Development, announced that it was preparing a lawsuit against the Commission on the basis of the party’s reported „examples of manipulation and electoral fraud.”

In the elections to the House of Representatives (the lower house of the BiH parliament), the Democratic Action Party received the most votes in the Federation of BiH (the autonomous unit of BiH – PAP) with 140,000, the coalition centered around the Croatian Democratic Community of BiH with 110,000, and the Social Democratic Party of BiH with 70,000. In Republika Srpska, the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats received 202,000 votes, while the Serbian Democratic Party came in second with 90,000 votes.

BiH’s Central Election Commission reported that turnout in the elections was 50 percent – 4 percent less than in the 2018 general election. (…)

One of the OSCE observers of the election process in Bosnia and Herzegovina was MP Agnieszka Pomaska.

Source: tvn24.pl

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