Inauguration of the Poland of the Future Campus. Rafał Trzaskowski: We build democracy every day. It is not given permanently.


The Campus Poland of the Future, organized by Rafał Trzaskowski, began in Olsztyn. The Warsaw mayor said that due to the war in Ukraine today, security is an important issue. – However, there are some people in Poland who believe that the West is a greater threat to us than Russia, he added.

At the inauguration of the Poland of the Future Campus in Olsztyn, Rafal Trzaskowski said that Poland is full of energy.

– We will talk here about everything that concerns young people, because it is they who will change the world with this energy, the Warsaw mayor said.

U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski was a guest at the first debate at the Campus. He conveyed his thanks for the enormous contribution young people have made to Poland’s history.

– We saw the energy that is in the youth when you gave aid to Ukraine, the ambassador said. He added that the future belongs to active people who know what they want.

Trzaskowski noted that the main theme is the issue of security.

– The instability due to the war in Ukraine teaches us that we need to think about our security, the Warsaw mayor said. He added that the way we are helping Ukraine „already impresses the world.”

However, there are people in Poland who support the current government and believe that a greater threat lurks from the West, Trzaskowski said, referring to MEP Krasnodębski’s statements about Brussels limiting Poland’s sovereignty.

– How is this possible? – asked the Warsaw mayor. He added that Ukrainians are dying for freedom and for those values of the West that someone is criticizing so much today. – After all, it is in the West that we have friends who guarantee security, Trzaskowski concluded.

The US ambassador assured that Poland is safe. – US soldiers at Polish bases are ready to defend you, Brzezinski assured.

– My father told me that Poles are responsible and helpful. He passed this on to me in my upbringing, the ambassador stated.

Brzezinski said that his father Zbigniew emigrated to the US, although he did not know the language. – And then he was an advisor to the US president during the Cold War era, the ambassador explained. He added that this was a credit to his Polish background.

– We will not abandon you, the ambassador declared. – But Poland must also build good relations with its neighbors, he noted. Brzezinski added that democracy is in crisis and must be fought for.

– We build democracy every day, it is not given once and for all, said Rafal Trzaskowski. He added that every democracy has its problems, but they need to be discussed.

The Warsaw mayor noted that the stronger we are in the EU, the stronger we are in NATO.

– So we need to confirm that we are active members of these alliances, Trzaskowski concluded.

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