A hater insulted a KO deputy, later wrote with an apology. The court ruled.


A court in Gdansk has convicted a man who insulted Civic Coalition MP Agnieszka Pomaska on the Internet. The man must pay a fine of PLN 3,000 and cover court costs. – After I filed a notice with law enforcement, Mr. Damian contacted my office and expressed remorse, the politician, who regularly fights legal battles with hecklers, says in an interview with Onet.

„People lack imagination, so later they have to pay heavily. And it looks ugly in the papers, too. It’s not worth it.” – KO MP Agnieszka Pomaska comments on Twitter. And shows the warrant judgment against the man who insulted her online.

In April 2021, Mr. Damian wrote a message to her. He used vulgarities and called the MP a slut and an idiot.

The KO politician filed a notice to law enforcement agencies. The man was tracked down by the police. – Mr. Damian contacted my office and expressed remorse. However, the proceedings were already underway and he could not be detained, Pomaska told Onet.

The Gdansk court had no doubt that the man had insulted the deputy. Mr. Damian was sentenced to a fine of PLN 3,000. The man must also cover the costs of the trial, which will hit him in the pocket. The amount is 370 zlotys.

The verdict is not final, the man can appeal against it.

– Let this be a warning to all those who write such offensive messages. Let them know that the hand of justice can reach anyone, Pomaska comments.

The KO MP tells Onet that there are currently five cases pending against online hecklers who offend her.

The KO MP regularly files notices to the prosecutor’s office regarding criminal threats. As she told Onet, many of them are discontinued, but there are some that end up in court, some of which end up in sentencing.

Such was the case of a Gryfino resident who threatened the MP and her family with death. The man was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment, suspended for two years, and a fine of PLN 10,000.

In January 2022, another heifer heard a sentence of eight months of restriction of liberty with an obligation to perform community service (20 hours a month each). By a decision of the Gdansk court, he also had to pay a PLN 1,000 reference to the Polish Red Cross and cover court costs. The man had insulted the deputy in very harsh terms on the Internet and was so sure of himself that he still wrote: „I’m waiting gn..o until you sue me.”

In 2021, the court convicted another man who also insulted the MP on the Internet. The man received a sentence of 120 hours of community service.

The MP also won in court against former Law and Justice (PiS) councilor Anna Kolakowska, who wrote on social media about the KO politician that „this thing should be caught and shaved bald.”

In 2019, in another case, the court ordered the 23-year-old to pay a 1,500 zloty fine by injunction. On social media, the man called for the MP to be „shaved bald.”

source: onet.pl

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