„We passed a law that blocks the destruction of Lotos. MPs are now counting on the Sejm.


Pomeranian Civic Platform MPs want the Sejm at its next session on May 11-12 to deal with the Senate bill adopted on Thursday, April 28, 2022. It is supposed to stop the sale of Lotos Group’s assets to Saudi Aramco from Saudi Arabia and to Hungarian MOL, and the subsequent merger of the Gdansk-based company with PKN Orlen. – We have passed a law that blocks the destruction of Lotos, said Deputy Speaker of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz. – Privatization, colonization and partition of Lotos await us – warned MP Tadeusz Aziewicz.

On Friday, April 29, in the senatorial office of Bogdan Borusewicz a press conference was held with the participation of four members of the Civic Platform: Tadeusz Aziewicz, Małgorzata Chmiel, Agnieszka Pomaska and Henryk Krzywonos-Strycharska.

– We have passed a bill in the Senate which will block Orlen’s acquisition of a part of Lotos and the division of Lotos for nine months. Because if these intentions come to pass, not only will there be no Lotos as a trademark, but in reality there will be no company, because it will be dismembered and sold to various entities, said the deputy speaker of the Senate. (…)

Agnieszka Pomaska believes that only the votes of Pomeranian MPs will be enough to pass a bill in the Sejm defending the independence of Lotos Group.

– The ongoing war also has its serious economic elements. Putin simply has to be cut off from European and Polish money. We can see that this money to Russia is also flowing from Poland. And this law is also an element of cutting Putin and Russia off from Polish money. We don’t know what will happen with Lotos stations, which will be sold off to Hungary, in a few months or years. We are not sure whether these stations will not end up in the hands of the Russian regime – the MP fears.

source: gdansk.pl

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