„For PiS sovereignty means control over people.” Speech by the chairman of Civic Platform Donald Tusk in Gdańsk.


„Today, when those in power use the word 'sovereignty’, they think how to control people,” acting chairman of Civic Platform Donald Tusk said at a rally on Monday in his hometown of Gdańsk.

Donald Tusk said at a rally in Gdańsk on Monday that he „has been struck with how easy, though not always visibly, the meaning of fundamental words is being changed”. „Sovereignty used to mean greatness of a nation of free people, it used to mean independence from foreign powers. It was a conviction that we are a part of the Western culture, that Europe is our home just like Poland is our homeland,” – he said.

„Why do Jarosław Kaczyński and PiS so strongly insist that Poland move away from Europe and renounce the highest democratic standards so freshly achieved? Everything that the Polish people have been building for the last 30 years? – Tusk asked.

Why do they want to distance themselves from Europe? Why do they want to muzzle free media? Tomorrow they will try to effectively attack TVN. Why are they doing it? Because free media are there to watch (their) every move. Because the courts are there to impartially and fairly judge not only the citizens, but also the government for their wrongdoings. That’s how they understand sovereignty: control over people,” – he added.

source: tvn24.pl

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