Over 300 coronavirus cases in Poland. „Patient zero” fully recovers


Poland’s health minister Łukasz Szumowski informed on Thursday there were 38 more confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in Poland. The total number of infections went up to 325. Five people died. Poland’s „patient zero” has left the hospital after recovering from coronavirus infection.

Minister Szumowski informed at a press conference on Thursday about 20 latest cases of coronavirus infection. In total 38 new cases were reported as of 1pm on March 19, taking the total number up to 325, of which five people died.

Health ministry informed that by Thursday noon 11.196 samples have been tested, of which 10.891 turned out negative, and 305 positive. Over 1.600 test have been taken within the last 24 hours.

On Wednesday, Poland proposed a 212 billion zloty ($51.5 billion) programme on Wednesday to mitigate economic damage caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The package will boost infrastructure and healthcare spending, and help struggling companies pay salaries to avoid layoffs and allow them to defer social security payments.

The hospital in Zielona Góra, western Poland, informed on Thursday that the man who has been reported as the first carrier of coronavirus in the country (referred to as patient zero) has fully recovered and left the clinic.

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source: tvn24.pl

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