Senate to proceed over anti-crisis bill. Coronavirus cases near 2000


The Speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki announced on Monday (March 30) he would submit a variety of amendments to the so-called anti-crisis shield. „We want to replace an imperfect, punctured shield with a better one, a true and solid dam that would prevent the spillage of the pandemic” – he explained. Michał Dworczyk, a top aide to the Prime Minister, said on Monday Poland was considering introducing further measures aimed at curbing the coronavirus pandemic and its negative effects.

The Senate was to convene on Monday afternoon to work on the bundle of three bills referred to as anti-crisis shield.

Senate Speaker Tomasz Grodzki declared at a conference on Monday the Senate would „stand behind Polish women and men”. „The Senate will make sure no one loses their jobs, no one suffers economic losses, so that everyone has the right to be tested, and so that economic, health and social safety of Poles is preserved” – he added.

Grodzki said that, in his view, the „anti-crisis shield”, that had been passed by the lower house, was „imperfect and punctured”. He added the Senate would aim to replace it with „a better one, a true and solid dam that would prevent the spillage of the pandemic”.

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