Agnieszka Pomaska has been chosen Vice-President of Polish Parliament delegation of OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.


In the current parliamentary term, Chairwoman of the Parliamentary Group „Break free from Plastic” Agnieszka Pomaska will be representing Polish Parliament in Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

OSCE Parliamentary Assembly was founded in 1991 and it currently consists of 320 members representing 57 countries. Polish delegation has 8 members and their 8 deputies – 2 Senators and their 2 deputies, 6 members of parliament and their 6 deputies. Annual summer sessions (the most important meeting of the Assembly) takes place once a year in one of the capitals. During the session there are meetings of 3 general committees, the Permanent Council and Extended Presidium, which is composed of the chairman, 9 vice-chairmen, chairman emeritus (without voting rights) and the treasurer. Representatives of the Assembly are also members of delegations monitoring elections.

The official languages of this body are: English, French, Russian, German, Italian and Spanish.

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