Agnieszka POMASKA with number 2 on the list of the Civic Coalition!


We already know leaders of electoral lists of the Civic Platform – Civic Coalition in all districts. We also know the top candidates from 25th district!

The so-called Gdansk’s electoral district includes the area of cities with the poviat rights of Gdansk and Sopot as well as the poviats of Gdansk, Kwidzyn, Malbork, Nowy Dwor, Starogard, Sztum and Tczew. The second place on the list is taken by the vice-chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on European Union Affairs and the head of the Parliamentary Team – Brake free from plastic, MP Agnieszka Pomaska!

About the campaign details and upcoming events you will learn from Agnieszka Pomaska’s website and her social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram!

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58 767 72 40
574 152 793
Biuro Poselskie Agnieszki Pomaskiej, al. Grunwaldzka 82 (CH Manhattan, IV piętro), 80-244 Gdańsk