European Youth Event: participants present ideas to Parliament’s committees


Last May 7,500 young people from across the EU came to the Parliament in Strasbourg for the biennial European Youth Event (EYE). Following two days of discussion on issues ranging from migration to youth unemployment and climate change, 50 of the most interesting ideas from EYE2016 were handed over to MEPs in September. Now EYE participants will present those ideas to Parliament’s committees. You too can join the debate online by using the hashtag #EYE2016.

As a follow-up to EYE2016 last May, the European Youth Hearings at the Parliament aim to engage young Europeans and give them a role in shaping the EU’s political agenda.

A report with some of the most concrete ideas was handed over to all 751 MEPs in September. Now those ideas will be presented to a number of Parliament’s committees in hearings which kick off on 11 October. See the full agenda below (all times are CET):

  • Foreign affairs and development committees (11 October at 10.00-10.45)
  • Culture and education committee (8 November at 10.00-10.45)
  • Employment and social affairs committee (8 November at 11.30-12.30)
  • Constitutional affairs committee (8 November exact time to be confirmed)
  • International trade committee (28 November at 15.30-16.15)
  • Civil liberties committee (29 November at 9.00-09.45)
  • Industry committee (29 November at 17.30-18.30)
  • Environment committee (early 2017, exact date to be confirmed)

Join the debate online

The hearings with MEPs will be streamed live on the EYE2016 website. You can also take part in the discussion on Twitter using the hashtag #EYE2016.


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