Bronislaw Komorowski’s Campaign


From the early beginning of this year’s presidential elections Agnieszka Pomaska joined Bronislaw Komorowski in his fight for the Polish presidency. She was one of the busiest campaign managers responsible for the web campaign.

Pomaska, who is very active and visible politician on the Internet,  emphasized the importance of having a well designed website. She told Gazeta Wyborcza thet 90% of contact with voters were taking place on the web. Agnieszka coordinated the activity of the candidate on such social networking websites as Facebook, Twitter or Polish Nasza-Klasa and Blip.

The times for elections were very hard. As Agnieszka told Reuters: „It’s not a very natural way of doing a campaign. The reason that we have earlier elections plus the flood situation in the country, so it’s not a very typical campaign”. She also pointed out that it was actually very difficult because he was also chairman of the parliament so he had a lot to do and had never been so busy as then, plus he was a candidate so it was very difficult to run a campaign.

Agnieszka and her co-worker’s efforts helped the acting president to achieve 53,01% of the votes and defeat Jaroslaw Kaczynski with 46,99% of the vote.

Komorowski’s victory in presidential election will strengthen the ruling Civic Platform Party and with no veto occurring the government would carry out the promised reforms. Komorowski would also support the government’s efforts to heal old wounds with Germany and Russia.

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