EU budget: how to make it more efficient and flexible


The EU’s budget has been criticised for years for relying too much on member states’ contributions and for being too inflexible when unexpected crises occur. MEPs discussed the issue with their national counterparts during a conference on how to finance the EU’s budget on 7-8 September. Most panellists agreed that a reform was necessary to ensure more transparency and efficiency.

In 2014 a high-level group on own resources was created to come up with solutions for the future financing of the EU by December 2016. This was something Parliament pushed for during the negotiations for the EU’s current long-term budget. The group is chaired by former commissioner Mario Monti and its members are appointed by the Parliament, the Council and the Commission

The conference hosted by Parliament in Brussels is an opportunity for MEPs and representatives of national parliaments to express their views on the issue.Their comments will be taken into account by the high-level group when drafting its final report.


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