Ask WPROST – 'Beauty doesn’t help in politics’


Agnieszka Pomaska, Civic Platform’s deputy, answers questions from the readers of “Wprost’s” online edition.

1.Does beauty help in politics? / Tomasz Kwaśniewski, Radzymin
It doesn’t help, but it doesn’t disturb either. It doesn’t really matter in the long run.

2.Do you support Parliament gender parity idea? / Wojciech Czerniawski, Tuczno
I want to encourage woman to actively participate in public life but (gender) parity (?party quotas?) is a wrong way to do it. It’s artficial, and in my opinion inefficient solution.

3. Is there any part of your party’s program, that you do not agree with? / Wojciech Czerniawski, Tuczno
The Civic Platform (PO) is an open and universal party. It merges different ideas and it strives for compromise and moderation. I think it will be similar with gender parity, which I think is unnecessary.

4.Was there any good side of Lech Kaczyński presidency? / Wiesław Kogut, Dzbądz
Few months ago the President’s Office officially launched it’s new website. Considering a former lack of any decent information policy from Lech Kaczyński, that was undoubtedly a step in right direction.

5. You are the face of a new bill allowing political parties to create think tanks. Do you really believe they might improve the quality of Polish political life?
/ Emilia Kamińska, Gdańsk
Think tanks will be independent from political parties and they will have guaranteed funds which will be separated from the current politics. Those funds will have to be spent on expertises and research. I’m sure think tanks will change polish politics for the better and therefore improve the quality of public discussion.

6. Why half of the members of the Civic Platform Party did not take part in the presidential primaries ? Are they a “dead souls”? / Emilia Kamińska, Gdańsk

I am proud that in Pomerania region attendance reached 64%. Primaries are a new quality in Polish political life and not necessarily everyone  is convinced of their usefullness. Also I heard that some of our members did not participate because both our candidates were excellent and people couldn’t decide between them…

7. Why so few Polish people are involved in party activities? / Grzegorz Lepianka, Łańcut

The situation in Poland is stable in many areas of life but the main reason for people to join a political party is a multitude of disturbances. A simple proof is that we experienced the largest inflow of members to the PO  soon after elections in 2005.

8.What are your relations with Donald Tusk? / Piotr Pierwszy, Rzeszów

I met the Prime Minister at the begining of my public career. He is a people person and he easily connects with other people. He doesn’t mind the age difference. I value my acquaintance with him and  opportunity to learn from him.

9. What was the last movie you’ve been crying on? / Anna Bąk, Józefów

It hasn’t happened to me for a long time. I think the last time it was at “Schindler’s List”, still in elementary school.

10. How do you see chances of Bronislaw Komorowski in presidental elections? / Wojciech Czerniawski, Tuczno
Bronislaw Komorowski won the the Civic Platform’s primaries and it gives him the credentials for an effective run for the presidential elections. His experience and competence, and also his public trust, gives him a lead and I believe he will become a new president.

11.Do deputies sit in the Parliament for a cause or just for fame and money? / Mateusz Feder, Strzelce Krajeńskie
If anyone engages in politics for money, this is naive and should quickly leave the political scene. Politician is a profession that does not have a high public trust, though appreciation from the electorate for politician’s activities is an important motivation.

12.What are your future plans? You are not going to be only the deputy, are you? / Jarosław Kowalski, Gdańsk/Wysin
I have covered the mandate during this cadence, so right now I’m catching up. I work mostly in Warsaw though I’m strongly attached to Gdańsk and surely in near future I want to work for Gdańsk.

Source: WPROST

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