Agnieszka Pomaska better than Walesa


Pomaska Agnieszka became a new president of the Civic Platform in Gdansk. This success was achieved after competing with Jaroslaw Walesa MEP. 101 participants of total 167 delegates gave their vote on Pomaska. On Walesa voted 66 people. Until now, the head of the party in the city for two terms was the President of Gdansk Pawel Adamowicz.

Krzysztof Lisek MEP was the one who officialy came up with Pomaska’s candidacy. During his speech he pointed out many crucial features predisposing her to take the presidential position. Also Bogdan Oleszek, President of the City Council of Gdansk spoke primarily that Agnieszka is well prepared for the position mostly because of „her involvement in urban affairs and a long apprenticeship in the party.”

New President of PO said that this year the most important thing is to prepare the party for the local elections and promoting a successful candidate in elections for president of Gdansk. Again for this function is going to apply Pawel Adamowicz.

MP Agnieszka Pomaska is 30 years old. She became a Civic Platform member in 2001.

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