Meeting of the Committee for European countries of the Weimar Triangle


On Monday 22 February, Tuesday, February 23 Agnieszka Pomaska participated in a joint meeting of the Commission to the European Union Affairs Committee of the German Bundestag, the Parliament and the Senate and the French Assemblée Nationale, which was held in Berlin.

Scheduled panel discussions focused primarily on changes in the structure and functioning of the European Union, which came with the Treaty of Lisbon. First day began with a debate on the role of national parliaments in the context of the modifications introduced by December 1, 2009 year, the next point in the program was the EU enlargement topic and the issues associated with the European Neighborhood Policy. At this point, a delegation also discussed the perspective of Polish Eastern Partnership program.
The next day, meeting participants discussed strategies to combat financial and economic crisis in 2010, and how to exit and to overcome the crisis in the coming years. The last part of the program was devoted to the Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union.

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